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Since 1906 the Shrine Circus is the event kids of all ages look forward to in the Spring and in the Fall in Metro Detroit. The 2017 Spring Detroit Shrine Circus was another example of how much families love the tradition and the grandeur of the spectacle that continues to amaze and entertain. Crowds of kids and their parents, grandparents, aunt and uncles, all joined in the fun of the midway rides, the breathtaking acts and the sweet nostalgia of the Detroit Shrine Circus.

Now, the arena is silent, the costumes are packed away, the tents are down, animals back in their sanctuaries, resting up for the next big event; The State Fair Shrine Circus in the fall of 2017. Come and witness the beauty of the aerial acts, the awe and majesty of the Arabian Horses, and silly and wacky antics of the Shrine Clowns.

Bring back your childhood amazement and thrill with a visit to the Detroit Shrine Circus. .

How many days until the
Detroit Shrine Circus
at the State Fair?
This many...   :)

The Wonder!
The Magic!

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