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Mark your calendar for the
Shrine Circus/Michigan State Fair
Labor Day Event!

Sept 4th - Sept 7th
at the Suburban Collection

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, this is your hometown circus, your glimpse of the majesty of the wild, your thrills of the high wire, your taste of the popcorn and hot dogs, your touch of the Shrine clown. Yes, this is your circus, the Shrine Circus, our community circus that like Spring brings wonder, energy, and happiness for young and old.

This is the day when you get close no matter where you sit. You see. You feel. You laugh. You catch your breath. It’s about as classic Americana as it gets. And it started here, in Detroit.

So make it a date, in the Big Top. Where clowns are king, and wild animals
are tame, and all ages are children. It’s the Shrine Circus again.